Business Everything you need to know about telephone outsourcing

Everything you need to know about telephone outsourcing


Obviously, there is no miracle recipe for success… but there are a few keys to know, a few tips to follow, a few guidelines which are a matter of common sense. There is therefore no need to be for or against telephone outsourcing, it is above all a matter of analyzing the situation of your company, its needs and its resources. And to reconcile this set in a judicious strategic orientation. I contact expert’s help you see more clearly.

What are the advantages of outsourcing your reception?

Outsourcing, findings and trends

First of all an observation: we will now have to deal with outsourcing. In a context of persistent crisis, business leaders are turning more and more to flexible, efficient and innovative solutions. Outsourcing is one of them. And Saudi Arabic has also become in a few years the second market for outsourcing in Europe. And if the physical and telephone reception has long been considered a function impossible to outsource, it is now one of the positions that we willingly outsource, in particular thanks to the improvement in the quality of services.

Refocus on your core business

First of all, each entrepreneur can refocus on his core business and save considerable time. He can now devote himself to developing his business.

Extended opening hours

The outsourcing of the telephone reception makes it possible to opt for opening hours of the secretariat according to the needs of the companies. This can go up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This system is a real added value for companies which have a night reception or those which have an international activity. Moreover, all of A contact’s tele secretaries are bilingual and are therefore able to respond to this problem.

Flexible and customizable solutions

Outsourcing the switchboard allows great flexibility. Each company benefits from solutions adapted to its needs and its budget. Interesting options, great responsiveness, efficiency thus accompany true professionalism.

To afford cutting-edge know-how

Outsourcing even makes it possible to afford expertise without having to face the burden of recruiting. And that is how it becomes a real strategic calculation on the part of business leaders who increasingly assume it. It is therefore accompanied by internal efforts to bring together the company’s own resources and capitalize on the know-how of employees. In return, telephone outsourcing requires that we agree to delegate. Being demanding in your choices allows you to find a trustworthy partner, working in a professional manner. Because it is important not to forget that it is the image of the company that is at stake. It must therefore be delegated to an expert service provider.

Beyond the advantages and disadvantages, a real strategic choice

Today, whatever the size of the company, the outsourcing of telephone reception becomes a real strategic choice. It is an assumed orientation. With the key to a better brand image or a higher quality of the company which vitalizes its development. All the leaders who have chosen to outsource make the same observation. The results are improving. First, the teams are more available. Then the customers are satisfied with the welcome they receive. And finally, the taking of messages and the follow-up of requests are better controlled. All production lines are kept while telephone reception, technical support or after-sales service are entrusted to a specialized partner. On the other hand, increases and decreases in activity are more easily managed. The business is more flexible. What is IT Outsourcing? Adapts better to the market and its fluctuations. It is, you will agree, a vital asset in today’s world.

Outsourcing of standard and quality telephone operators

Telephone contact is often the first – sometimes even the only – human contact that a client or prospect has with your business. It is therefore better that the quality of the reception is optimal to ensure the sustainability of your activity. And therefore it is better that the outsourced secretaries, sales assistants, teleoperators, tile-assistants or tile-secretaries who answer on your behalf are up to the task. Because it is their voice and their behavior that will reflect the quality and seriousness of your business.

Telephone secretary: the essential qualities

To convey a positive image of your business from the first contact, it is important to make sure that your telephone secretary has certain qualities. 

The qualifications necessary for a good customer relationship

When we outsource our standard, we trust an external service provider to ensure a strategic part of the company’s activity: customer relations. The stakes are high and it is therefore recommended not to choose your call center or telephone operators too quickly. Your requirements in this area will be the best guarantees of your success and above all of the confidence that your clients, patients or users will have in you. If you waste more time deciphering the message sent to you by your secretary than calling someone back, you lose efficiency and you get the opposite result of what you had been looking for by outsourcing your switchboard, namely to save time and in efficiency.

For what purpose and with what benefits for the company?

Of course, you can deviate from all these rules and choose a call center offering unbeatable costs, you can also choose a call center installed abroad. But then you may not have the guarantee of quality, which is however so essential in the customer relationship. Before making your choice, remember that the days of low cost call centers are about to be over. Because now, standard outsourcing is part of a real global business strategy in full innovation. Moreover, Bots and other conversational agents help the call center to qualify the request more quickly. AI imposes technical skills and a significant web development Auckland cost. Companies, experts or medical firms, businesses and e-commerce today expect their switchboard, whether it is outsourced or not, to ensure the quality and consistency of their customer relationship and participate in the same blow to the optimization of the customer experience.


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