Health Medilink Practice Management Software: Pros and Cons

Medilink Practice Management Software: Pros and Cons



Medilink EMR Software is medical software that specializes in catering to the needs of Healthcare professionals since 1989. The Medilink healthcare management system constantly works hard towards its motive of providing ease to the medical professionals. Let’s move on to the reason why you clicked on this article. We are going to list down all the most common pros and cons of this software, so you can get a better understanding of Medilink Healthcare Management Software

Medilink Healthcare Management system: Pros

For the pros of Medilink, we are going to list down its top features that are common favorites of Medilink users. 

Medilink Document Management System

The Medilink document Management system is loved by most of the users. The ease created for its users makes them love this software so much. Documentation can be hectic and boring. Sometimes the data can get lost and the work can be more frustrating than ever. To tackle situations like these Medilink has come up with an Automated documentation system that gets the documentation done faster, high levels of accuracy are maintained, errors are eliminated, less time is consumed, and data is secure in one place. 

Reporting tools

According to Medilink healthcare management reviews, users love the tools Medilink EHR offers for reporting. Reporting can not only be hectic and time-consuming but also can have many errors id done by a staff member manually. We all know that nobody can afford errors especially when it comes to reporting. For this specific reason, Medilink EHR has come up with amazing tools for its users. Getting reporting done electronically gets the job done faster, with a high level of accuracy, and all the reports are saved in one place. These files can later be accessed to compare progress levels which is a great advantage. 

More advantages of installing Medilink Healthcare system

Besides easier documentation and reporting solutions, Medilink EHR is also famous for a lot of its features. Users love the features it offers for scheduling. Users also love their marketing tools that Increase sales through targeted marketing campaigns. Medilink EHR also offers excellent features for Letter templates so you can drastically improve letter-writing efficiency with customizable templates. Moreover, their customer staff is awesome according to Medilink EHR reviews. User’s experiences have been great with customer support as they are always there to help you and guide you with your problems. They are easily able to fix most of their problems. They provide great training sessions while installation and stay with you throughout the process. Even if you have the tiniest issue, they come up to save the situation. 

Medilink EHR also offers Patient Registration, Claims Management, and electronic prescriptions that are all loved by many users. They are highly effective features that help improve efficiency rapidly. Users have experienced rapid growth in productivity after the installation of Medilink. 

Medilink Healthcare Management Software: Cons


Like every software, Medilink EHR too has its strengths and weaknesses. Like Reporting and Documentation are among its strengths, Billing tools are a weakness. Although Medilink EHR offers billing solutions, they are not the best at it. The billing clearinghouse portion is not liked by users and they prefer other options over Medilink medical billing software

Other Cons

Scheduling can be a little tricky and tedious. Medilink Software is also a little pricey for the features that it offers. There are many other substitutes with lower pricing and better features so they probably should lower down their prices a little bit. Understanding this software can be a little intimidating at first and seem difficult but once you get a hang of it, it’s good. 

Medilink Medical software pricing

Medilink Medical Software pricing $950.00/one-time. According to users, the price is relatively higher than its substitutes. 


Medilink medical Billing software has numerous advantages but like every other medical software, it has a few disadvantages too. The two strongest points of Medilink medical billing software are Document management and Reporting while on the other hand, it suffers a little when it comes to Billing and a little bit when it comes to pricing. Clinical notes and prescriptions and SMS reminders are also a plus point for this software. 


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