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13 Best Places to See Fall Foliage in The World


Fall, also referred to as fall, is among the most anticipated seasons of the year. It arrives on the heels of this long, hot summer that had everybody sweltering from the sunlight and before the chilly, snowy times of winter. The mild temperatures make it effortless for individuals to get out and partake in the activities they like, giving a respite from sunlight and one last’hurrah’ prior to the arctic temperatures of winter set in, which frequently limit people to their homes for the majority of the season.

Fall announces its coming in several ways — a crisp odor in the atmosphere, reduced humidity, cool temperatures and a stunning display of colour in the trees. In reality, it’s that magnificent display of colour that we usually expect the most. Folks travel from miles around to catch a glimpse of the yearly display of nature at its best. However, what causes this natural phenomenon of colour change and where would be the best places to watch it? We are going to answer both of these questions and more for you in this report.

Since the days are shorter in the autumn, less sun means the trees will generate less chlorophyll — the compound that makes leaves green. Red, yellow and brown pigments are found in leaves all year round, but are hidden from the green out of the chlorophyll till it starts to wane.

Trees have a self-preservation method where they seal their branches off to safeguard themselves in the chilly weather. This seal generally occurs at the bottom of their leaves around the tree, making them drop off eventually, because of being’severed’ in the tree throughout the procedure. Not many trees turn colors and shed their leaves in the autumn, however.

Just the deciduous ones such as maples, oaks and elms. Evergreen trees, such as cedars and pines, are only that — green and maintain their colour and their leaves year round. However, where can you see these wonderful displays of autumn color firsthand? We are going to summarize a few of the best places for viewing fall foliage.

Greatest Places (From The World?) To Watch Fall Foliage

Vermont, USA

The US state of Vermont is world-renowned because of its autumn foliage. In reality, as a result of its comparatively compact size, there’s no’poor’ location for fall foliage in Vermont. Anywhere you should travel within the country during the autumn months will guarantee you a few of the most stunning autumn scenery you have ever experienced — if it be by car, bicycle or on foot. Visit Southwest Reservations to get latest offers on flight fares with cheap vacation packages.

Fragrant Hills — Beijing, China

After the frost falls upon the smoke trees of West Mountain near Beijing, China, something magical occurs. They change into fiery colors of purplish reds which may be seen from miles around. From a distance, you would suppose the glowing red leaves were blossoms, given their daring colour, but its really reddish leaves which place the mountainside on flame from October through early November.

Mutianyu Great Wall — China

This region of China is currently a tourist attraction for some other reasons, but throughout the weeks of October and November, countless more descend upon the region to observe the almost 300,000 trees change into fairytale combinations of yellow, red and green. Really among the most breathtaking scenes in all China!

The Dolomites — Italy

The Dolomites is part of the Italian Alps surrounded by alpine lakes and mountain village. The larch trees, that are indigenous to the place, don gowns of brilliant golds and yellow throughout the autumn months. The colours are amplified by sunlight and reflected in the lake to make a background that will rival that of any postcard.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is famous for its luscious countryside that’s lovely year round. Beautiful mountains, lush woods and craggy greenery mix perfectly with winding streams and silent creeks. In the autumn months, the United Kingdom countryside comes alive with colour, allowing even the most experienced tourist a once annually glimpse of nature in all of her glory. 

Rhineland Palatinate, Germany

The Italian Wine Road in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany is a terrific scenic drive during the year since it meanders through a number of those regions most successful wine country along with pristine nature areas. But taking the driveway in the fall lets you go through the region in literal living colour, as each one the trees appear to come to existence in their seasonal colors of red, yellows, oranges and browns.


There are various places in France which are famous for their fall attractiveness. The autumn colours will change, according to the area and the weather, however, there are a couple locales known to provide some of their best autumn foliage viewing in the nation. They’re the towns of Montsegur, Strasbourg and Limoux.

Mora, Sweden

Mora is amazing in its own right, year round. Its rolling hills, green pastures and quaint farmhouses that dot the countryside combine to make an almost surreal backdrop. When coupled with all the glorious colors of autumn, they produce a pure masterpiece which no artist could replicate on conventional canvas.

Oppland, Norway

The thing which makes autumn leaves so spectacular in Oppland is that the background of snow-capped hills at the distance. The valleys and grasslands below burst in beautiful colors of orange, yellow and red, producing the illusion that whole valleys are on fire when seen from above. The autumn foliage in Oppland is best seen in the elevated vantage point.


Virtually every area of Japan is home to the native Japanese pine tree, which turns out a gorgeous shade of crimson during the months of September through December. These reddish trees give an awesome backdrop to the several temples, shrines and other Asian structures which have dotted the Western countryside for centuries.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park — Virginia

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a favorite tourist destination any time of the year, however if the autumn months roll around, the park comes into life — both in terms of traffic and gorgeous autumn scenery. The park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to over 100 types of trees — all waiting to place on their vivid seasonal series only for you.

Blue Ridge Parkway — North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is home to a Number of the most beautiful mountain property in the USA. In the autumn, the hills and valleys below them are changed into wonderlands of colour. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic drive that meanders throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Smokey Mountains and finishes up in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. In all, you are going to cover roughly 500 miles teeming with all the brightly colored wonders of collapse.

White Mountains — New Hampshire

If you have seen a postcard depicting a small white church surrounded by rolling heels, green areas, country houses and scenes in the aquatic life — you have got some notion of the beauty that awaits you in New Hampshire. If the trees fade into red, golden, brown and yellowish this scenic region surrounding a placid lake takes on an almost surreal beauty that’s unsurpassed by another autumn foliage destination.


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